At present, the H.S.E. are reviewing the lever of cover that women receive for breast prosthesis and post-surgical bras. Until the review is complete, the H.S.E. have instructed us to continue to supply women as before. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Welcome to Bellisima, perfect fit, perfect care.

Have you or someone you know had Breast Surgery?

Here at Bellisima, we offer a caring and professional fitting service to any woman who has undergone Breast Surgery for Breast Cancer. All fittings are carried out by expertly trained Nurses who have over 20 years combined experience.

Following a review by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Breast Care products, Anita, Bellisima has been designated an Anita Centre of Excellence. This review examined our professionalism, experience, reputation, choice of products on offer, dedication to our clients and overall commitment to excellence.

We are the only specialist centre dedicated to Breast Care fittings in the south of Ireland. We offer an unrivalled selection of specialist bras and breast forms.

Here at Bellisima we feel it is vital to see, handle and try on a product in order to achieve the greatest comfort and best possible fit. With this in mind we source products from around the world to give you the greatest choice. Our nurses (Kate Hynes and Liz Delahunty) are committed to providing each woman with what is best for her, her style, her fit, her colour, her choice. We ensure that we are continually updating our knowledge and always have the most up to date products available for you to try. With our years of experience we have met many hundreds of women who have undergone Breast Surgery. We have listened to, seen and helped them with their difficulties, so, regardless of whether you have had full or partial surgery; we are confident that we have solutions to help you regain your shape.


When something fits well you feel great. A bra that fits properly makes a world of difference to the way your clothes looks, helping you feel more comfortable and confident. It also provides the ideal support for your Breast Form. Similarly, the right Breast Form can transform your outline and getting the right fit for you means that no one need ever know you’ve had breast surgery.

All of our bras have been designed by experts with an emphasis on quality and fit so that they are as comfortable as they are beautiful but with some important design features.

Kate & Liz